Three Important Volatility Indicator MT4 For Trading

Welcome on our Best MT4 Indicators website! Forex trading is not about price; this does not mean that price is not essential. However, there are crucial elements traders should consider when preparing to make a trade. For instance, does the currency pair traded suits their trading style? Is the strategy suitable for all currency pair? To answer all these questions, it is volatility indicator MT4 to take over further.

Volatility isn’t a chaotic change in the forex market; it is what drives the market. For new traders, this doesn’t make any sense, but at the end of this article, that perception will change. Volatility measures the change in the value of a currency pair.

Remember when you entered a particular trade with your stop-loss of over 50 pips. Suddenly within 10 minutes, the price reaches your stop-loss and takes you out of the market. Yes, it means that period, price volatility was high. Traders use volatility indicator to determine the volatility nature of the market.

What is volatility?

Volatility measures the sharp changes in the price of an asset; it is the fluctuation of prices within a specified period. A volatile market exhibits rapid fluctuations in price, whereas a non-volatile market represent a moderately fluctuations in price.

You can measure volatility in standard deviations. Currencies are of two categories – low or high volatility currencies pairs depending on how their exchange rates deviate from the mean value of the standard deviation.

The most liquid currencies pairs include USD/CHF and EUR/USD, whereas currencies pairs such as USD/MXN and USD/RUB are less liquid. Liquidity means how easy it is to sell or buy a particular currency pair without affecting the price of the asset. Therefore, high liquidity means that you can buy or sell a currency pair in a significant size without any much difference in its price level.

Types of volatility

Usually, there are four types of volatility in forex, even though some trader tends to classify them into two. Historical volatility calculates the actual price changes of a currency pair, whereas future volatility calculates the unknown rate under which a particular market will move. Implied volatility implies a term used mostly in the options market, whereas forecast volatility is an estimate of future volatility. On our Currency strength meter page you can discover more about the strenght off the currencies.

Volatility Indicator

What role does volatility plays in trading?

Traders take advantage of volatility indicator MT4 to help gauge the current state of the market. With this, they can judge the market to know if it suits their trading need. If you are a trader that likes the slow and steady kind of trading, then a low-volatility market is what you need. However, if you trade on a short-term basis, you may want to consider a more volatile market.

Besides all of these, volatility indicator comes handy since you can use it in a specific situation. For instance, a good volatility indicator will help you:

1. Gauge the strength of a trend
2. Determine if a reversal is about to take place in the market or not
3. Identify possible breakouts when the market is ranging.

Best Volatility indicator for Trading Forex

Volatility is like a double-edged sword when trading forex. Although it can help you gain profit from short-term traders, however, increased volatility means less certainty on price movement. In such a situation, you don’t want to be a victim of the market volatility, especially in a direction you didn’t project or anticipate.

Nevertheless, if you want to take advantage of volatility when trading, there are crucial top 10 mt4 indicators to help you avoid such chaos. Here are three significant volatility indicator MT4 that is available in your MetaTrader platform. These indicators have a proven record of determining the volatility nature of the market.

Bollinger Bands

Were you expecting not to see this indicator at the top in our list of Volatility indicator MT4 for your trading? Well, the Bollinger band indicator is a renowned indicator that helps traders to know the volatility state of the market. It uses a two standard deviation with a 20-day moving average period to determine if the market is volatile or not.

Traders know that there is increased market volatility when the distance between the bands widens. However, when the distance is smaller, it indicates a less volatile market. Besides using it to gauge the volatility of the market, traders use the candlestick closeness to the band to ascertain the overall volatility of an asset.

When the candlestick touches the Bollinger band, there is the likelihood of a strong reversal; however, it depends on the current direction of the market. Traders will utilize this opportunity to open a position to catch the impending movement. For people who are trading gold the bollinger bands and the gold indicator mt4 can work great together!

Parabolic SAR

The parabolic SAR creates a parabolic curve on your chart. The indicator has dots appearing below or above the price depending on the price movement of the trend. Traders take advantage of these changes to find opportunities to enter a trade.

For instance, when the parabolic SAR dots changes from below to above, it means trading activity is moving downward, which will result in a selling opportunity. Alternatively, if the dots change from below to above, it indicates a shift in an upward direction. The parabolic SAR indicator is a good volatility indicator for beginners to know the direction of the market.

Momentum Indicator

By far the best volatility indicator MT4, you will find in the forex market to analyze the rate at which a currency price moves. It also illustrates the strength of the price movement; it indicates this on a numerical spectrum.

The number can be positive or negative – the more negative the number is, the stronger the currency pair in a downward direction. On the other hand, the more positive the numerical spectrum, the stronger the currency pair in an upward direction or trend.

Furthermore, you can use the momentum indicator to identify new opportunities when trading. When the value moves from positive value to negative value, it indicates a strong sell position or signal. On the other hand, a movement from a negative value to positive value indicates a strong buy signal. You can use the best volume indicator for extra confirmations also.

Our Last Word On Volatility Indicator MT4

Trading volatility requires some level of experience and skill. If you think you are up to the task of trading volatility, then you must trade using charts and indicators like the volatility indicator. While you can use indicators, never forget to trade around news and events because they play a crucial role.

Whatever strategy you employ, use a stop-loss and keep your lot size low. Furthermore, adhere to your volatility trading strategy while keeping a tab on your trading results.

Finally, don’t get yourself caught off-guard. Since you need other tools and indicators to complement your trading style. Here, we have essential indicators and tools to make your trading uncomplicated. Therefore, get access to these tools and indicators through this link and open up ways to increase your income.

Lastly, share your experience using this indicator through the comment section below:

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