Sentiment Forex Indicator

While we have millions of forex traders on the market, only a few of them have thought processes and trading strategies that are generating profits for them. Market sentiment is one of the dominant emotional conditions faced by millions of forex traders in a bid to determine market directions. In fact, market sentiment is leveraged to measure behavior of traders on the market. Therefore, Sentiment Forex Indicator plays a vital role in this.

It is only natural for human instinct to lead one to where the crowd is headed. For instance, if the crowd is selling a particular currency pair, the majority of traders will also want to sell the same currency pair. The same is also true if the crowd is buying. However, the bigger problem is determining the direction where the crowd is headed.

There are several tools designed to help traders stay on top of their game. One of such tools is the sentiment market indicator. Traders who understand how this tool works use it to determine crowd behavior in the future. This tool also helps traders to define whether or not the crowd is bullish or bearish to the market condition. This post was created to explain how to use this tool to trade the FX market to make maximum profits.

What Is A Sentiment Forex Indicator?

A sentiment forex indicator is one of the top 10 mt4 indicators developed by expert traders to assist traders in determining the direction the crowd has taken in a currency pair. For instance, if out of 100 traders, 60 traders are long while the remaining 40 are short, that means 40% of traders are short on that particular currency pair.

Sentiment indicator is very useful when the percentage of traders taking a particular position reaches extreme levels. Installing the indicator is very simple and straightforward, but ensure you do not use it in isolation – you can combine it with other technical indicators like the support and resistance indicators, breakout indicator, gap indicator, as well as, the MACD indicator. Most off these indicators work great the “best volume indicator“.

How This Indicator Works

The sentiment forex indicator works by measuring and displaying the ratio of the percentage of buyers to sellers. You can easily see the direction of the market at a glance before you make a trade decision. BTW do not forget to check our Currency Strength Meter article. There you can find more info about the strength off the currencies.

To filter out false signals, you can combine the sentiment indicator with other trading signals. Plus, it can help you to exit open orders in order not to lose money to market forces.

sentiment mt4 forex indicator

Benefits Of The Indicator

Below are some of the benefits of the Sentiment Forex Indicator:

1. It is easy to use, and it’s a great addition to your trading arsenal
2. This tool will enable you to determine the strength of selling and buying traders.
3. It is very flexible across different market segments and timeframes – commodities, indices, stocks, and forex, among others.
4. The sentiment indicator is compatible with the MT4 trading platform
5. There is a free monthly update to keep you up to speed.

How To Use The Indicator To Trade The FX market

Possible buy trades:

1. When the indicator displays 60%, it means there is a light dominance of buyers
2. If the indicator displays 70%, it means there is a clear dominance of buyers
3. 80% means most participants on the market are buyers
4. 90% or more means there is no seller on the market

Possible sell trades:

1. When the indicator reads 60%, it means there is light dominance of sellers
2. 70% means a clear dominance of sellers
3. 80% means most participants on the market are sellers
4. 90% and above means there is no single buyer on the market (every participant is selling)

How To Install The indicator

Follow the steps below to install the Forex Sentiment indicator:

1. Download and save the file to a folder you will easily remember
2. Copy-paste the downloaded file to your MT4 indicator directory folder
3. Start or restart the MT4 trader
4. Choose the chart where you want to install the indicator
5. Search for the sentiment indicator in the custom indicator list
6. Attach the file to the chart
7. Adjust the default settings to suit your style
8. The indicator should then appear on your trading chart.

How To Remove The Indicator

As forex traders, there are times you may want to uninstall the indicator; this section covers how to delete or uninstall the indicator from the MT4 trading platform

1. Start or restart your MT4 trader
2. Activate the indicator
3. Right-click anywhere on the chart
4. Select “delete/uninstall” from the drop-down
5. The indicator should disappear from your MT4 trader.

Last word on Sentiment Forex Indicator

Trading along with the crowd is a good way to make the most profit; hence the need to use a sentiment forex indicator to determine the direction of the market. If you want to be a professional trader, you need to install this indicator on your MT4 trader. TIP: i fyou want to get some good signals you can search online for the best live forex signals without registration.

To get the best from the indicator, we suggest you combine it with other forex signals to filter out false signals. In fact, this will help you be on a safe side. We have more than enough technical indicators on our website, which you can check through this link. And you can combine the sentiment indicator with these to improve your earnings and trading strategies.

Furthermore, do leave us with your views and feedback in the comment section below on our Best MT4 Indicators website.

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