Rofx Review

Thank you for coming back to our forex website. This time we will be doing Rofx Review. In this review, we will analyze this robot in detail and uncover all the features, settings, and strategies of this robot. Moreover, we will try to explain everything in as easy words as we can so that you can have a better understanding and quickly decide whether Rofx EA is your type or not. Hence read it to the bottom and let us know what do you think about it?

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What is Rofx EA?

Are you scratching your head after listening to the name Rofx EA? Have you never heard anything like this before? Well, no problem. First, we will explain what on earth Rofx EA is.

It is an automated robot tailored to enhance your profits by giving the least input. The developers created this bot in 2009. Now you might have been wandering what makes it stand out from other automated forex robots? And why should I give this apparently unknown company preference among all other robots already operating in the market? Did we get you, right? Well, we will disclose this secret in the trading strategy section of the Rofx Review.

Makers Of Rofx EA

This heading is dedicated to the developers and creators of the software. There is a team of skilled developers and creators behind Rofx EA who are professional at their work. The official website of this expert advisor is

During our online research, we came to know that the owners of this robot are located in London, UK. The customer support is also helpful and willing to accommodate you if you have troubles with Rofx EA. An email address specifically for customer support is available on the site.

Trading Strategy Of Rofx EA

Now we have arrived at the brain of this Rofx Review. Here you will know the strategy that Rofx EA uses to trade. Besides, we will also examine all other features and settings.

We were disappointed to see that the vendors didn’t disclose the trading strategy of this robot. They seem hesitant to talk about the phenomenon Rofx EA uses. They are more focused on dwelling on their strategy to be the best of the best. Well, you better not worry. We are here to reveal it.
The trading technique is based on a neural network. It means this software’s systems produce signals when they get stimulated by some other system of the same robot. In other words, we can say that if you are the one forex trading is giving a hard time, then with Rofx EA, you can skip the trial and error phase. In this way, Rofx EA will help disguise you as a professional forex trader ready to compete with experienced traders who are earning huge profits day-to-day.

The stop loss of Rofx EA is up to the mark. It is programmed to shut down the trade if the market is not favorable. This is how it makes sure that losses are minimal. The percentage of daily profit is 0.38%. Besides this, with Rofx EA, you have the power to withdraw your earnings daily.
Currency pairs Rofx EA can support are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, and USDCAD. It can also operate with BTC. The ease of use is another plus for many traders. You can expect no complications while installing or using Rofx EA.

A step taken by the company that is my personal favorite is that they have a loss coverage policy and deposit security guarantee. You can claim a fund return anytime if you are dissatisfied with Rofx EA. Likewise, the sellers are also ready to compensate your trading losses with the company’s reverse funds.

Pros And Cons

Below are some pros and cons of Rofx EA.


  • It can work well for both rookie and veteran traders.
  • Trading risks while using Rofx EA are the least.
  • Rofx EA works in a calculative atmosphere with no human errors or negative emotions.
  • With Rofx EA, all you have to do is to add your account, select a package that suits you,
    and then get ready to watch it, making handsome profits for you. To be precise, it is
    automated and expects little to no input from the trader.
  • No leverage.
  • Huge and consistent profits.
  • It also has a loss coverage policy. So your funds are secure.
  • Due to the highly useful stop-loss tool and some other settings, the risk factor is
    approximately 0.38%, which is minimum.
  • Backtests and also live and verified third-party results are available on the official


  • The minimum balance requirement is 1000 USD, which is relatively high.
  • All the pricing packages and plans are incredibly high. Due to this, some people are hesitant to purchase. But as the company is promising to cover the losses, that’s why we believe that this con is bearable.

Pricing And Packages Of Rofx EA

Finally, in Rofx Review, it is time to update you with the prices and plans the officials of Rofx EA have to offer you.

To ease your stress, let us tell you that there are six packages available right now. You have the choice to pick the one according to your budget and strategy. Not only this, but there are three different categories of these packages that are basic, advanced, and no lock. Here we will jot down the basic category.


  • USD 1000-5000
  • 30 trading days
  • 40% daily trading profit
  • 60% performance fee

Easy Start

  • USD 5000-10000
  • 70 trading days
  • 50% daily trading profit
  • 50% performance fee

Money Maker

  • USD 10,000- 50,000
  • 160 trading days
  • 65% daily trading profit
  • 35% performance fee


  • USD 50,000-100,000
  • 160 trading days
  • 75% daily trading profit
  • 25% performance fee


  • USD 100,000-unlimited
  • 160 trading days
  • 85% daily trading profit
  • 15% performance fee


  • USD 10 million-unlimited
  • No trading period
  • 85% daily trading profit
  • 15% performance fee

Summary Of Rofx Review

On the whole Rofx Review was incredibly satisfactory. We liked the way vendors were trying to look after even the minor details. Furthermore, the reviews and feedback of the customers online were also compelling.

In a nutshell, this robot has all the vital elements we look for in the best forex robot. So when are you going to get it? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience with it. We will be here for you.

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