Robotron EA Review

Welcome again to our best mt4 indicators blog! Next in the queue of forex robot reviews is Robotron EA. So today, we present to you Robotron EA Review. Robotron EA, as expressed by its name, is a Forex robot. But in this review, we will briefly elaborate on what makes it unique from all other forex trading bots. And what should you know if you intend to get Robotron EA. Keep reading the article to the end and make sure that you are making the right decision. Let’s begin

What is Robotron EA?

Robotron EA is a Forex trading system. The team of this forex software started working on it in 2013. Version 28, which is the latest version, is released in May 2020 after 15 years of backtesting history. It is entirely automated. This bot uses an algorithm to identify the currency itself and then opens trades without requiring any significant input from humans. It means whether you are a new or a professional forex trader, Robotron EA knows how to fulfill your trading needs. It works on the Metatrader 4(MT4) platform.

Another noteworthy feature is that it is beginner-friendly and easily accessible. The trading frequency of this forex trading bot, according to the official site of the vendors, is 500 trades per year, depending on the conditions of the market. Valuing your capital, it implements a useful stop-loss mechanism due to which the system ceases trading when markets are unstable. In this way, it protects you from losing your hard-earned money by minimizing the risks of flaws. So What else do you need?

Who is Behind Robotron EA?

As most of our reviews inform you about the company behind forex robots, that’s why Robotron EA Review will also tell you who is functioning behind this software.

The team that operates behind this forex trading robot is called Forex Robotron. No information, updated data, or results are available for readers on their official site. The only thing they have highlighted on their website is their 15 years of successful experience as professional forex traders. They have also shared almost unbelievable but impressive charts and diagrams of turning 500 USD into over 1,109,229,975 USD.

While trying to find them online, we got to know that this forex trading company is based in Thailand, and they registered their website in 2013.

Trading Strategy Of Robotron EA

The crux of our every forex robot review is the strategy it implements to carry out trades. So Robotron EA review also has it. The trading strategy of this EA is the scalper strategy. Don’t know what scalper strategy is? Let us explain.

Scalper strategy indicates a trading style that specializes in profiting off of little price shifts during times ideal for trade. It typically occurs after a trade has begun and become profitable. It works by using a combination of price action and technical analysis; the algorithms of this forex bot identify the specific timeframe to open new trades at the end of the US trading session i-e 9 pm until 11 pm GMT. It can trade with six major currency pairs. These pairs are EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, and USDCAD. On other reviews they say that they are using a special pin bar indicator mt4. But this we could not confirm.

As mentioned earlier, it also has a tight stop loss feature. Due to which this bot shuts down the trade as soon as it registers that you are losing money. You can start trading with this software at 10$ in the account. The timeframe of Robotron EA is 5 minutes. Robotron EA also allows you to tweak the strategy according to your priority by changing the default settings.

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Pros And Cons Of Robotron EA

The pros and cons of Robotron EA are imperative to discuss in the Robotron EA review if you are planning to get it. Below we compiled the positives and negatives of this forex software.


● Traders can use it with many STP/ECN brokers.
● Easily accessible for both beginners and veteran traders.
● Easily Customizable. You can adjust your trading style as aggressive, usual, and
● It is entirely automated, which means you can watch it make money for you.
● 5 minutes time frame.
● It can execute up to 500 trades per year.
● Free lifetime updates
● Metatrader 4 for desktop/laptop
● Includes lifetime updates and support
● Robotron EA also has a stop-loss feature to protect you from losing capital.
● The vendors tested it with real tick data.
● It went through years of backtesting to make sure that it is reliable for profitable forex
● 90% winning rate.
● It can work with American, European, and Islamic brokers.
● It can run on any account size.
● Works around the clock.
● FAQ page to aid the users.


● No money-back guarantee.
● Robotron EA does not trade with all currency pairs.
● Higher price range.
● The website has no updated data or results.
● Deleted third-party trading results. When you click on the Myfxbook results on the Forex
Robotron website, the link will not take you anywhere.

Pricing And Packages

This Robotron EA Review will now educate you with packages available for you while purchasing. There are four packages, as shown on the official website. All these packages can trade on the MT4 platform and with six currency pairs, as mentioned above.


The basic package is for ​299 USD.​ The features of this package are.
● Unlimited demo licenses.
● One real license.
● Lifetime support.
● Free software updates for a lifetime.


The standard package is for a price of ​399 USD​. It has the following features.
● Unlimited demo licenses.
● Two real licenses.
● Lifetime support.
● Free software updates for a lifetime.


This package is for ​499 USD​. The features this package have
● Unlimited demo license.
● Unlimited real licenses.
● Lifetime support.
● Free software updates for a lifetime.


The premium package is the most expensive option and is for ​999 USD​. It has the following features.
● Unlimited demo licenses.
● Unlimited real licenses.
● Lifetime support.
● Free software updates for a lifetime.
● It can also trade on the JForex platform along with MT4.

Summary Of Robotron EA Review

We have uncovered all the fors and againsts of Robotron EA. We think that if you are new to the forex trading world and have not used any EA yet, you should think twice before buying it as it doesn’t offer any demo accounts. However, if you believe that you can handle this EA, it will be more than beneficial. And if you are getting this, don’t forget to update us with your verdict.

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