Reaper Robot Review

I feel that you all have been excited about the Reaper Robot review, so were we. Hence today, together, we will have a detailed study on every feature and every part of this forex software named Reaper Robot.
If auto trading forex robots are your vibe, then you must have heard the name Reaper Robot. But only a few people will tell you about its comprehensive functions. Also, as different people have different opinions, so you are more likely to confuse between many robots available out there. That’s why our primary motive for this blog is to help you in this tough decision and boost your passive income through forex trading. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into Reaper Robot Review on our best mt4 indicators blog.

What is Reaper Forex EA?

Reaper Forex EA is an automated forex software specially designed to help in forex trading. The main feature of this bot is that it is made to run on its own and expects no input of the forex trader. In other words, Reaper Robot can make handsome profits for you when you are sleeping, eating, or working out. Exciting Right?
This EA works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Being user friendly, this expert advisor also provides you a Demo account, which means the producers are offering you a chance to get comfortable with their bot before officially purchasing. This feature also rectifies the chances of scams. Secondly, it can trade on all currency pairs. Reaper Robot is also very beginner-friendly. It’s easy to set up feature will take your minimal time while installing. All you need is to install it, and you are all set to trade. That’s why the designers of this robot claim, “It was made to change the way you trade on the market forever.”

Who is Behind Reaper EA?

In the next part of the Reaper Robot Review, we will discuss the brains behind this expert advisor named Reaper Robot. The vendor of this forex bot is Forex Robot Trader. This firm has been operating in the market since June 2007. The original owner of this team named Don Steinitz, passed away a while ago. So it is blurred who owns this forex trading company now as there is no relevant information about the new anonymous owners on their official website. If we analyze the “About Us” page of this website, and many robots this company has launched over the years, the builders seem trustworthy people. They also have a blog to educate their visitors on their official website. Hence this debate concludes that the vendors of Reaper Robot are a reliable team, and we can think about spending our money on their forex robots, aka expert advisors.

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Reaper Robot Trading Strategy

Without talking about its overall trading strategy, the Reaper Robot Review can’t conclude. It follows the breakout trading scheme. This strategy ascertains traders that robot will only work in favor of their clients. The trading strategy of this forex robot is wholly automated and keeps trading for you five days a week and 24 hours a day. It also has a vital stop-loss tool. Due to which the system will automatically cease trading while markets are volatile and the risk of losses are high, making sure that trades are not explosive for traders like you. Due to this strategy, it also exempts you from sticking to trading websites around the clock. It can also work with other EAs, which will enable you to evaluate the overall activities of this expert advisor. When we checked the code we saw that they are using some kind off pin bar indicator mt4 also.
Another feature to adore is that it can trade with all available major currency pairs like GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURGBP, CHFJPY, GBPNZD, EURSGD, NZDUSD, NZDJPY, EURCHF, AUDCHF, GBPAUD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, SGDJPY, and CADCHF.

Which Features Reaper Robots Have To Offer?

All the features of this Reaper Robot are something we can talk about for hours. But keeping limited time in the stance, we will discuss some pain points with you that are essential for you to know before giving this automated forex software a try.
● Completely automated trading.
● MT4 demo account to test this robot for free.
● Interminable trade.
● It can automatically adjust according to the current currency pair.
● It functions on the Breakout trading strategy, which lets you trade like an expert trader
without losing funds.
● Detailed and simple to understand instructions.
● Multiple time frames.
● You can handle it with other EAs.
● It lets you customize as per your preference.
● Beginner-friendly.
● With Reaper Robot, you can trade regardless of your account size.
● According to the website of makers, the Forex Traders think that this EA is trusted.

Reaper EA Pricing Plan And Packages

Most people look forward to pricing in a review, so how can we forget chatting about prices in this Reaper Robot Review?
According to the vendor’s website, this robot is on sale for its lowest price ever. And it is offering you a huge promotional discount of 50 percent.
Normal price: USD 199
Discounted price: USD 99

So it is the right time to get your hands on a Reaper Robot if you are planning to get one. Hurry up before this unbelievable offer exhausts.

Reaper Forex EA Pros And Cons


● Discounted price
● You can enjoy full support from the company 24/7. You can contact them by opening a
ticket on their official site and talk to them if you are having any kind of difficulty.
● Consumes your less time.
● The feedback of the clients on Forex Robot Trader’s website is auspicious.
● The purchase of one Reaper EA gives you a complimentary bot
● It offers enormous profits, and the risk of loss is slim.
● No emotions.
● Free updates.


● No backtests are shared by the team of this expert advisor.
● The timeframe is undisclosed.
● The performance stats shown on the site are unrealistic. And lack of transparency
makes things a little suspicious.

Conclusion Of Reaper Robot Review

Concluding this Reaper Robot Review, this EA was able to satisfy our forex trading desires in several areas. Still, in other areas, there were a few black marks from which no forex robot is exempted.
However, still many features of Reaper Robot make it a must-have. Now the final decision will be, of course, yours. Give it a try, and do let us know what you think about it? We would love to hear from you.

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