Odin Forex Robot Review

Today’s post on our best mt4 indicators website will revolve around a forex robot called Odin Forex EA. In this Odin Forex robot Review, we will educate you about the deets, settings, and elements this new forex robot has to offer. In addition to this, we will try to explain its trading technique in understandable terms, which is easy to digest. This honest and detailed review will help you in deciding whether you want to pay up for it or not.

Below is a rundown on Odin Forex EA. Read it to the bottom if you don’t want to miss anything.

What is Odin Forex EA?

Odin Forex EA is an automated bot designed to aid forex traders. Its primary purpose is to make the trader’s life easy and make handsome profits without asking them to lift a finger. This software claims to be the only solution to all your forex trading problems. It keeps an eye on the market 24/7 for you. Likewise, keep looking for opportunities to start making money for you.

So who needs genie from Aladdin when you have Odin? Right? Well, jokes apart, and let’s detect whether these claims are valid or based on fibs.

Who are the Makers Of Odin Forex Robot?

In the next portion of Odin Forex robot Review, we will chat about the brains behind this software. This EA is the property of ForexRobotTrader.com. The about us section of the official website has a decent dose of information about the developers. They state that Don Steinitz is the man behind this miracle. And you can see a lot of information about him on the “About us” part of the official site.

However, while providing you information, we don’t settle for what we are just told on the official sites as our goal is to give you authentic and verified information. In an attempt to verify this information, we did our research. During this research, we caught out that sadly Don passed away some time ago.

But the site didn’t find it important to update their customers about this information or introduce new owners. This disclosure was a downside for us as we think that letting customers learn about the developers is of utmost importance. The new owners and team of this bot should have introduced themselves. But we can’t do anything other than informing our readers about this misconduct. Well, on the ground of this slight drawback, we can’t declare it a scam. So let’s discover this robot further.

odin forex robot

Trading Strategy Of Odin Forex EA

This section of Odin Forex robot review is dedicated to the strategy it trades on. The system of this bot is called an advanced grid trading strategy. In grid strategy, buying and selling can take place at an increased or decreased set price. In this way, this technique scans the best entry and exit point by plotting chart prices in real-time. Thus this activity of identifying each movement against a grid helps it to predict the future trends of the market.

Furthermore, other settings of this robot include a real-time broker shield. This setting boosts your trading experience by hiding your trading style from brokers. In addition to this, it is entirely automated and expects no input from you. Lock in profit feature of Odin Forex EA automatically locks profits for you when the trade is open.

Stop loss and take profit settings secures your account from blowing out if, unfortunately, you have to face the music because grid technique can be quite risky sometimes as it opens many trades at once. Besides, an automatic money management feature calculates lot sizes for you regardless of your account’s size. These extraordinary settings of Odin Forex EA reflect that this software is prepared for every kind of circumstance. And to be honest, it is wise because prevention is better than cure. But the question is whether these features work as told or not? You will discover it in a bit.

It can support over 20 currency pairs. Some of which are USDSGD, EURCAD, NZDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURNZD, USDCHF, AUDCHF. Can we conclude that this is the best scalping EA? Just keep reading!

Pros and Cons

Below are a few gains and losses you will encounter with Odin Forex EA.


  • This software executes almost all the operations on its own and needs nearly no intake from you.
  • It is rated no one among all the other forex robots of these vendors.
  • The robot has plenty of customizable settings.
  • Facile to set up, use, and make money.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • As the trading strategy is not complicated, that’s why this bot is handy for every traders’ level.
  • Consistent trades.
  • It protects you from losing your amount during volatility by diversifying your account
    equity. Thus it tries to minimize the risk.
  • A demo account to practice before purchasing.
  • It is equally helpful for traders who prefer to trade with a variety of currency pairs.


  • The strategy of this robot is not up to the mark as it possesses the threats of crashing your account.
  • There are no verified results on the official site of the vendors from third-party websites like Myfxbook or others.
  • The makers didn’t disclose the timeframe.
  • The majority of customer reviews online are inauspicious.
  • The makers failed to describe the technicality behind the operative pattern of this bot.
  • Pricing and Packages Of Odin Forex EA

In this review of Odin Forex EA, we will now add the pricing details of this robot. And will evaluate whether it is worth buying or not. Therefore scan it carefully.

The actual price of Odin EA is $199.00. However, right now, it is available at a 35% discounted price. Thankfully, we caught it at the right time, and now after the discount, it is for 129.00 USD. The surprises aren’t over yet. Another surprise is that you will receive an EA free of cost with the purchase of Odin Forex EA.

You can make payment via credit cards and Paypal. Moreover, customer support is dedicated and willing to assist you.

Conclusion Of Odin Forex robot review

In the last, if you ask us, we would say that although the makers have aimed to come up with the best version of EAs, sadly, it has some flaws. And nobody wishes to take a risk in forex trading, so we would not recommend it. However, if the owners are willing to improve the blunders, then we can revise this statement.

Nevertheless, your opinions matter; let us know what you think about Odin Forex EA. Also, in case you have already tried it tell us about your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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