Local Trade Copier Review

Welcome back to your best mt4 indicators website. If you are having a hard time choosing the right forex robot, then this website is going to be a lifesaver. Today we brewed an exciting post for you and named it Local Trade Copier Review. Were you waiting for this? Look, we didn’t disappoint you.

In this Local Trade Copier Review, we will not only review this forex robot for you but also try to use as easy words as we can so that you can have a good time reading it. We will also advise whether you should spend your money on this or not. Hence keep reading to the end and make sure that you are not missing anything.

What is Local Trade Copier?

Don’t get bothered if you don’t understand what it is. We are here to save the day.

It is a robot made to advance the forex trading game for you. This robot has been in the market since 2010. But contrary to your expectations, Local Trade Copier is not automated. However, It trades on various MT4 platforms. Its primary purpose is to handle trading chaos for you so that you can focus only on profits. We will be able to tell you more details in the trading strategy section of this Local Trade Copier Review. Because it will be easy for you to digest the information in chunks, so without waiting any further, let’s jump onto the next part.

Who is Behind Local Trade Copier Review?

Under this heading, let’s talk about the brains operating behind it. For this purpose, we hopped to the official website of the vendors. And we are glad to announce that we found enough details of developers.

It is the property of MT4 copier. Their website is mt4copier.com. Rimantas Petrauskas is the man behind Local Trade Copier. Moreover, he belongs to Lithuania. As stated earlier, we learned this information from the site. And if you wish to check it out yourself, go ahead.

Trading Strategy Of Local Trade Copier

If we say that this part is the brain of the Local Trade Copier Review, then we won’t be wrong because we know that most of you look forward to this. That is why we try to be as detailed as possible here. So are you ready? I heard you say yes.

The primary strategy is that it starts trading on different MT4 platforms at the same time. Don’t worry about your account size. It works regardless of account size. By doing so, it attempts to copy the trades on other accounts set by you. In this way, you are free from repeating the same operation again and again. It also keeps a record of your all MT4 accounts. In conclusion, when you have a local trade copier, get rid of other EAs.

By using Local Trade Copier, you can be an account manager without needing any contracts. You are independent and can manage the accounts of your family and friends without any problem.
A feature to fall in love with is its “Reverse Trading Technology”. With this setting, this expert advisor alters the direction of low trades and reverses the situation in your favour. In addition to this, your privacy is 100% safe with Local Trade Copier. It won’t let anyone know what you are using. Your copied trades will land directly in the client’s account, so sharing passwords of MT4 is also not something you can cope with Local Trade Copier.

This robot only needs 5-minutes to start copying. The customisation blew us away. There is still much more to tell you, but I believe that we will leave it to the next section of the Local Trade Copier Review.

Pros And Cons

Let’s discover the remaining features and settings in the pros section.


  • The robot is aimed to be user and beginner-friendly.
  • You have the choice to customise your trading pace, day, time and other settings
    according to your preference.
  • This software behaves like your personal assistant and manages every matter for you
    regarding forex trading.
  • It has high slippage protection which comes to your rescue during dangerous market
  • With this robot creation of investment portfolios for multiple accounts is not an issue.
  • It can overturn your losses into profits.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • A user guide is available to guide you throughout the process.
  • You are free from the chore of contracts with this robot.
  • FIFO friendly.


  • The con does not belong to the robot, it belongs to you. Although the chances of failing are bleak, a minor wrong step can possess a risk to your account.

Pricing And Packages Of Local Trade Copier

In this Local Trade Copier Review now it is the time to mention the prices and packages of this robot to help you in evaluating whether you want to get it or not.

There are three different pricing plans, as seen on the official site. Moreover, being user friendly, the sellers let you decide whether you want monthly subscriptions or annual. For the sake of your ease, we will notify yearly plans here. Also if you will pay annually, then you can enjoy a 30% off monthly plans. But if you are interested in a monthly license. You can check out the official website of the local trade copier.

LTC Personal

​It costs you €10.42. The benefits will be

  • Simultaneous use on 1x computer/VPS.
  • License transfer between machines.
  • For unlimited master MT4 accounts.
  • For unlimited client MT4 accounts.
  • Supports and updates until cancelled.
  • Compatible with LTC for MT5

​LTC Manager

​The price of this most popular package is €31.50. The features are

  • Simultaneous use on 5x computer/VPS.
  • License transfer between machines.
  • For unlimited master MT4 accounts.
  • For unlimited client MT4 accounts.
  • Supports and updates until cancelled.
  • Compatible with LTC for MT5.


The price of this plan is €63.00. Features are.

  • Simultaneous use on 15x computer/VPS.
  • License transfer between machines.
  • For unlimited master MT4 accounts.
  • For unlimited client MT4 accounts.
  • Supports and updates until cancelled.
  • Compatible with LTC for MT5.

In addition to this, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with all packages.

Conclusion Of Local Trade Copier Review

While wrapping up this local trade copier Review, we will say that undoubtedly this EA is worth every penny. The customer’s feedback all over the internet will motivate you further to buy it. So what are you waiting for?

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