FX Charger EA Review

Welcome back to our mt4 indicators website. Today we prepared an honest FX charger EA Review for you. In this review, we will analyze and examine every setting, feature, and details of this robot. By the end of this review, you will know whether you should spend your money on this forex robot or it is just another scam with a bundle of false claims. So make sure that you are reading it to the bottom.

Please let us know on which robot you want to see a review next. So without making you wait any further, let’s get the ball rolling.

What is FX Charger EA?

If you are new here or to the forex world in general, then you may have been having a hard time absorbing the term “FX Charger EA.” But don’t worry, we are here to clear your confusions.

FX Charger EA is a reliable automated trading robot that is made to boost your forex trading experience. The sellers launched the latest version of this bot in 2019. It works on the MT4 and MT5 trading platform. It has been operating in the market for many years now. The primary purpose of this robot is to make consistent and elevated profits for you with minimal input from your side. Well, if you wish to learn about profound settings and elements of FX Charger EA, then you will have to jump to the trading strategy section of this FX Charger EA Review.

Who Are The Makers Of FX Charger EA?

Let’s learn about the makers of this expert advisor in this FX Charger EA Review.

The developers are FX-Builder. The official website of this robot is fxcharger.com. However, they are an experienced team with years of experience and many other available EAs. We were disappointed to see that there was no “About Us” page on the site. In fact the vendors didn’t even tell us about the creators or developers of this software on the main page. Moreover when we tapped on “contact us” there was no email to contact them. The only way to reach them is by providing your own email. Isn’t it unprofessional? Because we believe that in this business transparency is everything.

Well, still, many aspects are unspoken. Let’s see what FX Charger EA has for us.

Trading Strategy Of FX Charger EA

Here comes your favorite section of FX Charger EA Review. In this part, together we will evaluate the trading strategy and settings of this robot to identify should we buy it or not.

Similar to the information about developers, the company is also quiet about the trading strategy. However, you don’t need to worry. We compiled enough information for you. The central strategy or working pattern on which FX Charger EA works is that it opens trade in specific hours. While doing so, it keeps monitoring the market to determine the trends for the next few hours or days. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is that it is entirely automated. It means all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the growth of your account.

The currency pairs FX Charger EA can support well are EURUSD, AUDUSD, and EURGBP. Whether you are a novice or professional trader, FX Charger EA knows how to achieve your foreign exchange trading needs. It opens trade every day. The timeframe of FX Charger EA is 1 hour (H1). Takeprofit of this system is unique as it shuts down the exchanges on profit. The website also has live and verified third party results.

The robot is equipped with an advanced stop-loss feature which will come to your rescue in volatile market conditions. Furthermore, the protection of the account due to this creative stop loss technology is also debatable. How? Suppose if your trading platform quits working for some random reason or if your internet connection is lost. The stop loss allows you to set a limit and then automatically closes the order within a few days.

In a nutshell, the features of FX Charger EA are impressive, but we would have appreciated it if the vendors had taken the effort of telling these details themselves.

Pros And Cons Of FX Charger EA

Below are some pros and cons of FX Charger EA


  • Installation and trading with FX Charger EA take as little as 5 minutes.
  • Consistent and elevated profits.
  • A high effective stop loss technology.
  • It can be equally beneficial for both veteran and amateur forex traders.
  • The website has live and verified third party results.
  • Refund policy.


  • There is a significant lack of information on the official website of the makers. The vendors should update their website for a better customer experience.
  • It can support only three currency pairs.
  • The pricing plans can be a little expensive for a few people.

Client’s Feedback

We decided to dig a little deep, and for this, we took help from different third party websites like Trustpilot, etc. On these sites, real customers of other forex robots usually write reviews and rate their experience.

And the feedback on these sites left us in shock as many people were claiming it to be a scam. You can also check out these reviews yourself if you want.

Pricing And Plans Of FX Charger EA

The last part of this FX Charger EA Review will be its prices and plans. Currently, there are two different plans for two different types of FX Charger EA. Both of these plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee. These two plans are

The price of this package is 385 USD. The features are.

  • One license
  • Changing account online unlimited number of times
  • Works with EURUSD
  • Setting for easy setup
  • Lifetime support 24/7

FXCharger MAX:

This package is for $495. The benefits you will have with this purchase are

  • One license
  • Changing account online unlimited number of times
  • All the features of the basic version

Conclusion Of FX Charger EA

FX Charger EA Review comes to an end here. In the last, we would say although the website and client’s feedback failed to impress us. Still, we think that everybody has a different opinion about different forex robots and their performance. And an incredible strategy packed with lots of settings and features compels us to try it to see a clear picture of FX Charger EA. Money-back guarantee also lessens our stress by giving us a relief that we can use this offer if things go wrong.

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