Forex Trend Detector Review

Welcome back. Once again, you are here at our forex website. From the title, you must have realised that today we are doing Forex Trend Detector Review. This review will be very detailed as we will uncover all the hidden secrets of this expert advisor. After telling you about its overall performance, we will analyze whether you should spend your money on it or it is just another scam.

Are you excited to find out the secrets of this robot? Then you will have to read this post to the end. Let’s get the ball rolling.

What is a Forex Trend Detector?

If you are naive in the forex world and often catch yourself worrying about which forex robots you should be using, then you may not have heard the phrase “Forex Trend Detector” before. Well, then to relieve this stress, let us explain what Forex Trend Detector is.

Obvious by its name Forex Trend Detector is a software that helps in forex trading by analyzing market trends. It works in an entirely automated fashion. Its primary purpose is to look for best trading opportunities for you and help you in growing your account. The algorithm of this EA filters it out from the junk. If you want to know its algorithm and are eager to learn its settings and features, then you will have to follow us to the trading strategy part of this Forex Trend Detector Review.

Brains Behind Forex Trend Detector

Let’s discuss some exceptional brains who not only put this expert advisor to life but are still working behind it. So to begin it we will tell you that it belongs to FX Automater. If you know a little about the forex world, the chances that you are familiar with this name are broad. The team of FX Automater has been operating in the markets with a large number of intelligent forex robots.

The official website of this robot is ​​. They also have a blog and FAQ section. But the website is opaque when it comes to the name of developers and creators. However, as we have already reviewed the excellent performance of many robots that belong to FX Automater, that’s why we believe that providing no information about makers is a downfall. Still, it can’t be used to portray them as scammers.

forex trend detector

Trading Strategy Of Forex Trend Detector

Now in this Forex Trend Detector Review, it is the turn of trading strategy to be disclosed. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Unlike other EAs, Forex Trendy’s vendors are not advocates of using fancy trading methods. The primary method of Forex Trend Detector’s trade is called the volatility breakout method. This technique is simple because it just follows the market movements. Along with this technique, they have an algorithm to ensure that the drawdown is minimal. This least drawdown algorithm shuts down the trade as soon as it senses the trading loss. The combination of these two makes Forex Trend Detector unbeatable.

The currency pairs Forex Trend Detector can trade with are EURUSD and GBPUSD. Moreover, there are hundreds of customizable settings and features of this software. The minimal balance requirement is $10 on a cent account. Recommended timeframe to use Forex Trend Detector is 5 minutes. This software can adapt to various market conditions. It can work on all MT4 and MT5 platforms. Money management features of Forex Trend Detector to protect your account are highly effective.

Another thing that must be notified here is that there are three different modes according to the risk level. It suggests that vendors made it by keeping both novice and experienced traders in mind. You can choose whether you want to commence trading at low, medium or high risk. Take profit and stop loss are also a part of Forex Trend Detector.

All in all Forex Trend Detector can behave as an all in one forex robot. But the thing which stole the show for us is it’s the least percentage of drawdown as compared to the profits. Why? Because you can soar your earnings by leaving the trades at the exact moment.

Pros And Cons

Below we will jot down some pros and cons for you in Forex Trend Detector Review. These pros and cons will enable you to decide your next step quickly. So be careful.


  • It is effortless to install and use.
  • Handsome profits.
  • Forex Trend Detector is the result of 15 years of trading experience.
  • The trading technique and algorithm is unique and promising.
  • A cutting edge polynomial algorithm to adjust to every forex market condition.
  • Forex Trend Detector has three different modes of trading.
  • A high slippage and high spread protection mechanisms.
  • The money management system of Forex Trend Detector is up to the mark.
  • Precise and accurate trading.
  • Entirely automated software.
  • High-frequency trades.
  • High winning rate.
  • Minimal drawdown with desirable profitability.
  • Customer’s feedback all over the internet is favourable.
  • It also has an advanced time management system. With this feature, the software will tell
    you about the most favourable trading times.
  • Forex Trend Detector comes with the Stealth mode to hide you from brokers.


  • It can only trade on two currency pairs which can be a downside for experienced traders who like to play with several pairs.

Pricing and Plans Of Forex Trend Detector

The last part of this Forex Trend Detector Review will be to reveal it’s pricing and plans. Let’s begin.
For now, there is only one plan according to the sellers. The price of this plan is 297 USD. But don’t get disappointed. Because these days you can get the benefit of Black Friday Super Sale. During this sale, the prices are 50% off. Yeah, you read it right—50%. Therefore the discounted price will be $147 only. You have the option to pay from a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal and others. The advantages you will get with the purchase are.

  • One real account
  • Two demo accounts
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Access to the private member area
  • Lifetime updates

Summary Of Forex Trend Detector Review

This was it for this Forex Trend Detector Review. We tried to give an insight on every major to minor detail of Forex Trend Detector. We hope that this review wiped away all your questions regarding Forex Trend Detector. If any problem persists, write down to us in the comment section below. We will be happy to help.

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