Forex Steam EA Review

Welcome back to our Best MT4 Indicators website! In this Forex Steam EA Review, we will let you know each major and minor detail about Forex Steam EA. In today’s article, while reviewing Forex Steam EA, we will try to deliver truthful information to you. Moreover, if you are new to forex trading, this post is primarily aimed for you because we will break complicated forex words in layman’s terms.

So keep reading to the end and don’t forget to tell us what you want to read next. Without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

What is Forex Steam EA?

Forex Steam EA is an expert advisor tailored to improve your forex trading experience. It runs on the MT4 and MT5 trading platform. In addition to this, it is entirely automated. It means it’s time to grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching forex steam EA making easy money for you. Sounds unbelievable, right? But with Forex Steam EA, this dream is a reality.

Another noteworthy element is that this bot has been operating in the market for over ten years now. And the vendors are updating it to be able to bring out its best version. Let us walk you through a detailed review on Forex Steam EA.

Who Are the Makers Of Forex Steam EA?

This robot is the property of We had a detailed look at the “About Us” page of the official website of Forex Steam EA. Thankfully this time, the vendors didn’t disappoint us and shared the information about them.

The leaders’ names that contributed to putting this beauty to life are Paul Demonde, Dmitri Kozlov, Julie Zhang, Allan Brisbois. At the about us page, you can also learn about their roles in making this intelligent software. The company also has social accounts. Not only this about you can also see where they are located. The headquarters is in Richmond.

So in this test Forex Steam EA is passed, which is a good sign. But still, many things are yet to be unleashed. Let’s not make you wait any further.

forex steam ea

Trading Strategy Of Forex Steam EA

In this section of Forex Steam EA Review, we will debate over it’s trading strategy. We know you all have been waiting for this section so here it is.

Vendors say that they want to provide you with a low-risk system that offers long and short-term gains. The primary strategy that functions behind Forex Steam EA is that when it opens trades, it keeps an eye on the trends. And by using this information, it analyses and predicts market conditions for the next couple of hours or days. The currency pair it trades on is EURUSD. Another thing we want to bring to your notice here is that Forex Steam is available in two versions. One is Light Forex Steam EA, and the other is Normal Forex Steam EA. According to vendors, the light version is promising as compared to the normal one. The timeframes of this software are M5 on the light version and M30 on the normal version.

Furthermore, it has a lot of distinct features and customisable settings to make sure that your trades are profitable. One of these features is a news filter. News filter protects your assets during volatility caused by high impact news. Holiday Filter will allow you to avoid unpredictability due to certain holidays. A spread filter will make sure that your trades are only conducting when market conditions are perfect.

After describing all the features and settings of Forex Steam EA, the officials ended this debate on a powerful note. They said, “We are always adding new features too, based on the contributions and requests of our clients.” Pretty confident. Right?

Well, while we are updating you with the satisfactory details of Forex Steam EA, it is imperative to tell you that there are no verified third party results. We know that you will not be happy after learning this detail because, as a client, you look forward to these results. But sorry, things are beyond our control here.

Pros And Cons

Forex Steam EA Review will be incomplete without pros and cons. Hence we will now classify the pros and cons of this software.


  • Ten years of service.
  • It can run on both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
  • A blog and FAQ sections at the official website of Forex Steam EA.
  • Money management system.
  • You can select your trading days and times.
  • Right after installing it, you are all set to start trading.
  • To help their customers, they have guides and installation videos.
  • Regular updates.
  • Winning frequency is 91%.
  • Numerous filters and optimised settings to enhance the trading experience of the users
    of Forex Steam EA.
  • Positive clients’ feedback.
  • This software is available in two different versions. Get the one you like.
  • The prices are affordable.
  • Stop-loss settings.
  • They have a dedicated customer support.
  • Low-risk trading.


  • No verified trading results on the official website of the vendors.
  • Unfortunately, no money-back guarantee is available.
  • The minimum deposit to start trading is slightly high.

Pricing And Packages Of Forex Steam EA

The final heading of this Forex Steam EA Review is pricing and packages. So currently there is only one plan as seen on the official website.

This plan is for USD 117.99 on a one-time payment. After buying this plan, you will become a lifetime member. The features you can enjoy with the purchase of Forex Steam EA are.

  • Instant access.
  • Free lifetime upgrades.
  • Four reusable and changeable licenses.
  • Installation is completely free
  • No upsells.

Besides these the green flag we see here that the buyers will get both versions that are ForexSteam Light and Normal in this price.

Conclusion Of Forex Steam EA Review

To conclude this Forex Steam EA Review, we will say that although we can’t claim it to be the best forex robot, it’s specific settings compel us to try it. So this is not one off the best expert advisors. out there. Also, no forex robot is exempted from some flaws. But despite this statement, we can’t resist the idea of using forex robots to do automated trading. If yes then buy Forex Steam EA. And see how it turns out for you.

This was it for today’s post. We hope that we were able to answer your queries. Don’t worry. If any problem persists, write down to us in the comment section below. We will answer it.

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