Trend Reversal trading using Forex Reversal Indicators

One critical skill to learn in forex trading is predicting the right time to enter the market. Professional traders aim at entering the market once they spot an emerging trend very early. With this, they can catch the market flow towards whatever direction they choose. A perfect means of getting a good entry is through reversals. Reversal trading is quite profitable if you know how to trade them. In this article, you will learn about forex reversal patterns and find out if there are any forex reversal indicators available. On our TOP 10 MT4 indicators page you can find some good reversal indicators also.

Forex Trend Reversal Trading

Trend reversal is a norm in forex trading because irrespective of the strong move of a trend, there will always be a reversal at a particular time. However, when will this stop and how? Will it be a big retracement or a small pullback? For a novice, they are a billion-dollar question without any answer. Because of this, most new traders prefer using forex reversal indicators. Notwithstanding, trend trading generates a better odd for succeeding as a trader.

When and How of Identifying Trend Reversal

It is essential to note that trend reversal trading should be for traders with over four years of trading experience. For a novice, it is advisable to stick with trend setups since it is the foundation upon trading trend reversal. Without mastering trend trading, it will be hard to understand trend reversal even if you are using forex reversal indicators.

Trend trading is not as easy as many think because some traders want to hop into trades immediately. Primarily due to impatience, most traders find it hard to wait until the market set up to materialize as analyzed. It is unbearable for a trader to miss a trade but more regrettable is chasing a hazardous market.

If you want to trade with the trend without using forex reversal indicators, then you have to be disciplined, patience, confidence, and trust your trade analysis. Focusing on trading on the trend itself is an accomplishment.So to identify a trend we advice that you use a mt4 trend indicator.

best forex reversal indicators

Forex Reversal Trading Strategies for Beginners

Identifying when a reversal is about to take place is priceless because it means you a step away from becoming a professional trader. In this section, we will explore essential techniques or strategies that you can implement when trading reversal. Are you ready for something that will revolutionize your trading? BTW, we advice you to use the best forex reversal indicator for this.


Remember the famous statement, “The trend is your friend.” This statement is true pending when the trend becomes unmaintainable. Once the trend is unsustainable, it means the trend doesn’t support the momentum in the market.

Peradventure price is experiencing higher highs and lower lows, but your oscillator is reading opposite, there is every probability that there is a decrease in trend continuation. In this situation, 1 of these scenarios is looming. It is either the market is passive, active, ranging or reversal. One of these is likely to take place as divergence is about to play out.

Support and Resistance

Without using forex reversal indicators, you can use tools such as trend lines, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci extension, and moving averages to trade forex reversal. When trend trading, it is important to consider anything that may hinder your trade. For instance, in a downtrend, you should check if there is a support level because it can block your trade from developing.

Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Candlesticks serve as great MT4 Indicators to identify when a reversal is about to take place. These patterns are straightforward to locate besides using forex reversal indicators. Some of these candlestick reversal patterns include doji candlestick pattern, hammer/shooting star, and engulfing candlestick pattern. These candlestick patterns can be used in line with a forex reversal indicator as a confirmation to enter a trade.

Price Action

If you are not a fan of any indicator, then you may consider using price action to know reversal points. Price always move in a corrective or impulsive fashion. Hence, understanding the basics of market structure is essential. Along with price action, you can use forex reversal indicators to act like confirmation before entering a trade. However, understanding the fundamental of price action alone can also yield you good trades, primarily when appropriately implemented.

The Impact of Reversal Signals in Forex Trading

It is always important to look at for reversal signals irrespective of what type of trader you are – reversal or trend trader. Trend based traders use these signals to find exit points, whereas reversal traders use signals to find an entry point for trading. Reversal signals can have the following impacts on trade.

Passive retracement

Passive retracement involves price moving in a sideway before correcting the trend in time. You can identify passive retracement through one of the following.

1. Usually a chart pattern such as a triangle or flag
2. The sideways movement takes longer time; then the market will be a range
3. A shallow retracement indicating a corrective price action

good forex reversal indicator

Active Retracement

In this, price moves in an opposite trend direction before correcting the trend by pips. If you see any of these, then there is an active retracement of price.

1. The retracement is more impulsive
2. Retracement on the higher timeframe is deeper
3. Retracement on different timeframe defers in depth


In reversal, the direction of the trend changes from downward to upward or from upward to downward. In this situation, you can use a good forex reversal indicator to identify the particular direction of the market.


A ranging market is one whose trend stops and is followed by consolidation or ranging environment. This kind of market isn’t suitable for traders to trade because the market can break in whatever direction.

Point Of Note

Using multiple timeframes during analysis is very important for any trader. Are you still thinking about why that is important? Here are reasons why you should use multiple timeframes.

• Reversal signals on higher timeframe generate better signals than those of lower timeframe
• Multiple reversal signals on multiple timeframes increase the chances of those signals producing better results.

Conclusion for Forex Reversal Indicator

Reversal trading is one of the profitable ways of trading forex. Remember, there will be false signals. A reversal may occur when using price action or forex reversal indicators; however, we have a lot of tools and indicators to generate the best signals when trend trading or reversal trading.

These tools and indicators have undergone various testing and are profitable due to the algorithms used in creating them. If this is not satisfactory for you, then you can utilize numerous other trading tools we have got. Check it through this link and improve yourself to generate constant profits.

And don’t forget to share your trading experience using Forex Reversal Indicator. Add your comments and feedback in the comment section below on our Best MT4 Indicators website.

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