Forex Olympus Review 2021

Welcome to our best mt4 indicators website! The trading industry comprises of various indicators and robots that traders use to trade the market. While trading might be a spontaneous adventure, it comes with a lot of tricks and strategy. However, the time to perfect a strategy is a daunting task; hence most traders resort to buying indicators and robots. For newbies, this can be frightening as the market is flooded with lots of fake indicators and robots. This doesn’t take away the fact that there are genuine robots and indicators. However, in reviewing these products, you can get to know if they are genuine or not. So let us begin with Forex Olympus Review.

We will focus on Forex Olympus Review today, which is a platform designed to help traders actualize their trading goal. The tagline of the platform is “to help traders reach the top of their trading goal.” You would understand why many traders will want to buy their robot and indicator since traders want to maximize their profit.

So in this Forex Olympus Review, you get to know more the features of the platform, trading modes, and different packages.

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The developer of Forex Olympus

Rita Lasker is the known developer of the robot and indicator. Not much has been heard about her identity; neither is there any social media profile available online. The Green Forex Group and Rita Lasker co-own the Forex Olympus robot. Currently, the address of the developers is located at 1531 Concord Pike #303 0, Wilmington, DE, US. From research, it was discovered that the group has also created over 30 different systems, which includes its latest Forex Hercules system, and the forex Avia Robot.

In verifying the authenticity of the platform, we decided to check the website using a domain checker. In our findings, we discovered the website ( was registered on 10 February 2020, with the expiration date of 10 February 2021. Interestingly, their claims of being a website with many years of trading seem contradictory to what we discover. Furthermore, it also claims to be a UK and USA based company whereas most of its traffic comes from Lithuania.

forex olympus

Features of Forex Olympus

From the website, the developers claim that its indicator and robot has amazing features. These features are what seem to make the platform stand out from its competitors in the forex industry. These features include:

1. Trend Power Detection – According to the platform, the trend power takes away any doubts traders might have when it comes to entering a trade. Furthermore, traders can see an exact percentage of the strength of the current market trend.

2. Multiple alert system – A smart notification is another important feature that works in three ways to notify traders about new signals. Through this, traders can stay alert and execute each trade promptly. You can change the signal to suit your analysis if you want; these signals are sent via email, SMS, and pop-ups on the platform.

3. Profitable Signals – The platform is equipped to generate accurate buy and sell signals using its unique trading algorithm.

4. 100% No Repaint – The indicators from Forex Olympus never repaints. The indicator doesn’t change its value once you take the trade.

5. Three Trading Modes – The platform also pride itself in having three different trading modes that allow traders to choose their trading style.

Forex Olympus Packages

Olympus offers investors two different packages, which are the forex Olympus indicator and the forex Olympus kit that comes with a robot. The forex Olympus indicator comes with a lifetime license for $129. Previously sold for $429 but due to the coronal virus pandemic, the price dropped drastically. The features of the forex Olympus indicator include trading modes, notification system, trend power detector, and profitable buy /sell signals.

However, the forex Olympus kit comes with additional features beside those including in the forex Olympus indicator. Currently, it is sold for $228 against its previous price of $757. Similar to the previous package, it comes with a lifetime license that includes features such as trading modes, notification system, trend power detector, profitable buy/sell signals, different exit options, automated trading, and one-on-one assistance.

In terms of strategy, Forex Olympus didn’t inform its investors how it generates its signals. Besides this, the package is suitable for all pairs under four different timeframes – M15, M30, H1, and H4.

Olympus Packages

Forex Olympus provides five depository channels for anyone interested in its product. These channels are designed to make it easier for investors to subscribe to these packages. They include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

However, while it promises a payback, the only way you can achieve that is through its PayPal because other depository channels might come with a little channel. Through PayPal, you can ascertain that you bought any of the Forex Olympus Packages.

Trading results

All we gathered from the website is a screenshot of the software without any trading results. Besides this, there is no trading statement to back up its claim.

For many, this is a setback since most trader would prefer to see the results of its trading. It is the responsibility of the platform to furnish traders with live account statement to entice investors to sign up on its platform.

What we like

1. 6 amazing features
2. The package comes with indicator and robot

What we don’t like

1. No verified results on its website
2. No insight on its strategy

Conclusion On Forex Olympus Review 2021

The forex industry is one that comes with a lot of promising, but it also has many scammers. The Forex Olympus Review seems like a unique trading package for investors. However, the lack of trading results and insights into its trading strategy remains the primary reason why many tout it as a fraud.

Besides this, the website is visually pleasing with a professional touch to its platform. Pending when it provides the necessary trading results, investors will find it hard to trust the platform.

Notwithstanding, we will never advise you to invest in any forex program that doesn’t have verified results and insight into its trading strategy. If you have purchased the Forex Olympus package, we do like you to share your thought about the platform through the comment section below:

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