Forex Gold Investor Review

Welcome back to our forex website. Today we present to you an honest and detailed Forex Gold Investor Review. If you have this robot or are planning to get it in the near future, then this review will be much helpful for you. We will update you with each detail about Forex Gold Investor. Not only this, but we will try to explain everything in easy terms so that it does not pass over your head if you are new to the forex world.

So read it to the bottom, and don’t forget to tell us which part of this Forex Gold Investor Review is your favorite. Let’s get started.

What is a Forex Gold Investor?

Unfamiliar with the phrase “Forex Gold Investor”? No problem. We are here to clear up.

Forex Gold Investor is an entirely automatic forex robot. It is named Forex Gold investor because its central strategy is to trade only on Gold. And they have numerous valid reasons for this, which we will let you know in a few. However we heard mixed opinions about this robot, that’s why we decided to find out ourselves. While reviewing, we noticed that it is equipped with many modern and efficient settings, which is good. But we will only classify it worth the money if these features worked as described. Then do you want to know whether they worked or not? Let’s see.

Who are the Makers Of Forex Gold Investors?

But before knowing about this robot in this forex gold investor review, it is imperative to tell you who is behind it. Agree?

This robot belongs to FX Automater. Luckily they already have several trustworthy forex EAs available in the market. A team of professional developers and forex traders are operating behind this software to guarantee that your trading is profitable. But the official site, which is​, does not have any “About Us” page. It means no knowledge about the identity or location of the team. This is undoubtedly a downside but let’s not disappoint you. We were glad to see that they have a blog and also an FAQ section to wash away the concerns you may have as a customer.

forex gold investor

Trading Strategy Of Forex Gold Investor

Now we will chat about the trading strategy in this Forex Gold Investor Review. According to the vendors, the Forex Gold Investor came out as a solution to all forex problems caused by current terrible world economic market conditions. They believe that precious metals, mainly gold, is the best way to save your hard-earned earnings during shaky occasions. Moreover, they said trading with precious metals like gold is easy because, unlike any currency pair, metal’s price movements remain more or less the same making it predictable. Sounds great. Right?

Another thing which makes it a must-buy is that they employ a unique algorithm which has a minimal drawdown. The trading platform it supports is MT4. The customization of this robot is also impressive. It is jam-packed with different features, updates, and settings. Some of the features we want to highlight here are a broker spy module. It guards on your money. Another is the Intraday gold price cycle. Through this setting, the bot is designed to trade at the best hours, to be precise, in golden hours. We assume they are also using a premium currency strength meter.

Forex Gold investor also has a tested entry and exit setting. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about closing or opening trades on a loss. Entry and exit algorithms make sure that the software is opening and closing trades on profitable conditions. Moreover, the money management system is effective. It also comes with a stop loss feature.

Another almost unbelievable benefit is that it is two in one, which means it has two different strategies. You don’t need to get stuck with your desktop. Forex Gold Investor will do the magic on its own. In short, wherever you are, no matter what is your experience level in forex trading, Forex Gold Investor EA knows how to live up to your expectations.

Pros and Cons Of Forex Gold Investor

Below we will inform you of the fors and againsts that accompany Forex Gold Investor. Let’s begin.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • It can run on all MT4 platforms.
  • The algorithm and strategy used by Forex Gold Investor EA make it stand out from the
  • The website has real, live, and the third party verified trading results.
  • It is the result of a lot of research, tests, and experiments.
  • Forex Gold Investor EA works in a set and forget fashion. In other words, it is entirely
  • The main aim of the sellers of this software is to look for profitable trade opportunities.
  • You can customize it to suit your preference.
  • It works in a completely calculative environment away from human emotional
  • Multiple timeframes.
  • 85% success frequency.
  • Free trial for 60 days for the sake of testing before buying.


  • Prices are a little high for some people.

Pricing and Packages Of Forex Gold Investor EA

After reading about its tremendousness, you must have been thinking about how much money you will need to spend on it. Don’t think anymore because we are about to tell you.

Currently, there is only one plan according to the site of Forex Gold Investor. But before the prices let us tell you a piece of good news. These days the robot is on “Black Friday Super Sale.” It means that it is the best time to get it.

Its actual price was 397 USD. But at the time of this Forex Gold Investor Review, the discounted price is 197 USD. However, the copies are limited, so hurry up and get yours before others. You can enjoy one real money account, demo accounts, 60 days money-back guarantee with this purchase.

Conclusion Of Forex Gold Investor Review

While winding up this forex gold investor review, we would say that we hardly saw any flaws while reviewing. It was able to stand up to our standards of the best expert advisor. So when you are giving it a place in your home?

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you. Till then, keep making moolah!

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