The Cycle Identifier Indicator – the Market Trading Cycles

Trading can be an exciting and fun thing to do; the excitement will continue as long as you are making more wins in your trade. To continue with your winnings, you have to understand and use the best trading concept that works for you. However, for most traders finding a good trading strategy is like searching for a needle in the middle of an ocean. And that’s where cycle identifier indicator can be helpful.

Notwithstanding, a trading concept that most traders have incorporated in their trading is price action. Hardly can you hear a trader talk about his or her trading strategy without including price action. Price action is the best means of improving your performance in the forex industry. However, there are still traders who misunderstand the concept but rely on top 10 mt4 indicators to trend price action. One such indicator is the cycle identifier, which helps traders to trend the cycles in a trend.

What is the cycle indicator?

A cycle in forex trading represents a recognizable movement or price pattern that take place within a specific period. Each cycle length is measure from one trough to another, which enables traders to predict the direction of price movement.

A cycle indicator is an oscillating indicator that allows you to analyze the market in cycles. According to theory, the financial market tends to move in cyclical patterns from bearish periods to bullish periods. These cycles are repeated continuously, which allows traders to predict changes in price at cyclical intervals.

Brief about the Cycle Identifier Indicator

The Cycle Indicator is an indicator designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform; it is built using basic price action principles to trade the market. Similar to most indicators, it applies to all timeframe and currency pairs. Furthermore, you can categorize it as a technical analysis since it works using price action principle.

The indicator works by generating different colors of horizontal bars on the bottom window of your chart. Trades use these horizontal bars with colors to identify the different cycles that have formed or currently formed within a trend.

Importantly, traders take advantage of the indicator to ascertain the current active cycle and the overall direction of the market. There are a lot of trading insights that come with using the Cycle identifier indicator when trading. TIP: Read our latest Proven Best Forex Indicators article to get the most out off your trading.

cycle identifier indicator mt4

How Long Does Market Cycle last?

A market cycle doesn’t have a specific timeframe for it to last. It can take a minute to years depending on the timeframe the trader decides. For instance, a scalper or day trader can have a market cycle that lasts from a few minutes to hours whereas position traders and long-term investors can leave their trades to go through cycles that last over a few years. The cycle identifier indicator seems like the best tool for new traders to trade these market cycles.

Why some traders use the Cycle Identifier Indicator

Trading with indicators comes with various advantages; using the cycle indicator allows traders to learn how the market works. This means with the indicator attached to your chart; you can identify the different cycles of the market once the current trend continues to develop during the day. However, don’t think this will be an instant process; you have to use the indicator continues to get acquainted with it and understand the principle behind it.

The key is consistently using the indicator so that over time, you can automatically identify these cycles when trading. You can know what cycle the current trend is as it develops. Traders with a keen eye for attention will notice that the market during the trading day moves in cycles of up and down movement. These upward and downward movements can become bigger up and down movement of the cycle, which keeps repeating. You can combine the cycle identifier indicator with a premium pin bar indicator mt4 for extra confirmations.

Three different cycles

However, a single trend comprises of three different cycles with each cycles forming an upward and downward movement. Alternatively, every trend resulting from a price movement (up and down) gives rise to a cycle within the trend. Nevertheless, using the cycle identifier, traders can identify these cycles easily and take advantage of them.

Besides identifying price cycles, the cycle identifier allows traders to find profitable trades during the trading period. In other words, you can find opportunities within a cycle, depending on the direction of the market. With this, you can know when you should get active in the market or stay off pending when you find a suitable trade.

Furthermore, knowing when not to enter the market is very important. Assuming you entered the market when you shouldn’t enter, how will you feel? Well, the indicator helps you filter such a moment. You can easily read the market cycles with the indicator and preempt when the cycle is about to form or has completed.

With the cycle indicator, you become a “seer” that sees the future market direction. Although you might not be 100% accurate always, you can be accurately right most times. Once you observe there is no suitable trade in the current cycle, you start planning for the next cycle. With this, you can quickly enter the market and make profits before swinging into the next cycle.

Conclusion Of Cycle Identifier Indicator 2021

The cycle identifier indicator is a fantastic oscillator tool to include in your trading portfolio. Remember, the tool is like any technical analysis tool in the market, which cannot provide a 100% accurate signal. Therefore, it will generate false signals periodically. You will see on our Best MT4 Indicators website that there are many similar indicator reviews.

Nevertheless, the indicator is a leading indicator, which means you can get signals before the price makes a move. Therefore, if you are new to the market, it is always advisable to use other technical analysis tools to confirm before taking a trade.

Market cycles happen in all market; for smart money traders, the accumulation period seems the best time to buy since its value is falling. To help traders, we have tools and indicators here on this link to trade whatever market trend – uptrend, downtrend, and reversal.

Importantly, these tools and indicators have undergone various testing to generate the best possible results. Finally, you can successfully trade the forex market like the professionals you admire. It is time to take your pound of flesh from the market.

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