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Hello again on our best mt4 indicators website! Last time we shared our best volume indicator article. This week we are sharing our adx indicator mt4 article. If you have been trading forex for a long time, the chances are that you may have heard about the Average Directional Index, otherwise known as ADX Indicator MT4. Even if you have never heard about it, don’t worry because we shall talk about it in the course of this post.

Ability to monitor prices and the market trends makes it easier for you to maximize your forex trading opportunities. With this fantastic indicator, you don’t have to monitor the market manually or keep vigil over the market to see how things are playing out.

What is ADX Indicator MT4?

ADX Indicator MT4 is a technical tool intended to calculate the strength of a market trend. The Average Directional Index indicator has various functions, such as calculating the strength of a trend, acting as a filter for various forex trading strategies, and as a trend and range finder.

The ADX assists in quantifying trend strength. Its calculations are dependent on moving average of price range expansion over a specific period. The default setting is 14; however, one can make use of other periods. You can use ADX on any trading vehicle, such as mutual funds, stocks, futures, and exchange-traded funds.

You can plot ADX as a single line with values varying from 0 to 100 (low to high). ADX records trend strength, whether the price is trending up or down. It, therefore, has no particular direction. The ADX is typically plotted in the same window as the two directional movement indicator (DMI) lines, where ADX gets its range from. It is also important to know the strength off a forex currency. People use a currency strength meter tool for that.

How to Calculate ADX Indicator

Two of Wilder’s directional indicators are the sources of the ADX technical indicator:

1. The positive directional indicator (+DI)
2. The negative directional indicator (-DI)

The two indicators harmonize the ADX by offering a guide to the course of the trend. They are usually from uncomplicated evaluation of the directional movement of the market.

They define directional movement by judging the high and low of the present period against the high and low of the preceding period. Two important terms that are useful here are:

1. Plus directional movement (+DM)
2. Minus directional movement (-DM)

Directional movement can be positive, negative, or even zero. It is not possible for it to be positive and negative at the same time, and it is either up or down. If the +DM’s value is not zero, the –DM is zero.

And if the value of the –DM is not zero, the +DM is zero. When the present high less the preceding high is both positive and superior in value than the present low less the preceding low, then the directional movement is positive.

You also define negative directional movement alike. When the preceding low less the present low is both positive and superior in value than the preceding high less the present high, then the directional movement is negative.

Prices are on the rise, and the ADX calculates the trend strength when the +DMI is over the –DMI. On the other hand, prices are going down, and the ADX calculates the downtrend strength when the –DMI is over the +DMI.

You don’t need to download a separate ADX indicator since it is in-built in the standard MetaTrader 4. So, it does your calculations automatically. However, you can complement it with some other top 10 mt4 indicators if you want to get better results.

adx mt4 indicator

How to read the ADX Indicator MT4

The work of the advanced indicator ADX is to reveal whether the market is trending or not. The ADX varies from 0 to 100. Based on Wilder’s suggestions, a value that is over 25 implies a market that is trending.

Contrarily, there is little or no trend when a value is under 20. With the above suggestions, you are likely to be confused between 20 and 25. That is why technical analysts make do with 25 as the main separation point between ‘trend’ and ‘no trend’. To catch a trend we advice to use the best forex reversal indicator in your trading.

Measuring Trend Strength

You can use the Wilder’s ADX directional system in measuring the change in market sentiment by following alterations in the price range. One can gauge the underlying trend strength by merely reading the ADX line.

1. The trend is considered absent or weak if the ADX value is between 0-25

2. The trend is considered strong if the ADX value is from 25-50

3. The trend is considered very strong if the ADX value is from 50-75

4. The trend is considered extremely strong if the ADX value is from 75-100.

5. Levels can be added manually in the indicator properties.

How to trade with ADX

When you trade with the ADX Indicator MT4, here is what to expect:

1. If the ADX trades below 20, there is a weak trend, or there is no trend. Therefore, you should use non-trend-following strategies, if not, the false signals and whip-saws that are occurring could lead to losses. Channel trading is an excellent example of not-trend-following.

2. If ADX trades over 20 or under 40, you should make use of trend following methods. Trading with Parabolic SAR indicator or Forex Trading Moving averages is a good example.

3. ADX that gets to 40 levels implies an overbought/oversold (depending on the trend) condition on the market, and you need to guard some profits or at least move Stop Loss order to break even.

4. When goes over 40 level, then it is the ideal time to start collecting profits slowly scaling out of the trades on rallies and sell-offs, and guard the leftover positions with trailing stops.

5. You can use the ADX-/+ DI lines to detect entry signals. When +DI stays under 20, you have to ignore all -/+ DI crossovers. However, the moment ADX hit the highest points above 20, a buy signal arises when +DI crosses upwards and over –DI (red). On the other hand, a sell signal will be contrary: +DI would cross –DI downwards.

6. When another opposite crossover occurs in a short period following a signal that has just been created, you have to ignore the original signal and protect or close position quickly.

ADX Indicator is usually traded with other indicators and tools. Unlike some moving averages crossover or Stochastic that react faster, ADX signals are usually later. Nonetheless, ADX has better dependability than the other indicators, which is why traders find it handy. So you see the ADX can maybe be the best non repainting indicator for day trading.

A new trend is thought to be born when ADX climbs over 20 for the first time and goes flat, and the rationale behind it going flat is due to the market reaction to this new trend formation by creating first early adjustment. In this period of correction, it is wise to start new orders.

Conclusion of ADX Indicator MT4

The ADX is a reliable indicator when it comes to reading market trend. Its signals are more trustworthy than those of its competitors, though it may be produced slowly. Every forex trader needs to arm himself with this invaluable tool to harness the opportunities in the forex market fully. Right as this indicator is, it is advisable to use it in combination with other indicators for better results.

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